Several years ago, I was living in a laid back mountainous area of Northern California in a town of 237 people. I had the Trinity River run through my back yard. I had friends that camped in sweat lodges, that lived ‘off the grid’; that only ate what they grew. It was pure and holistic. It really was a beautiful life.
After a couple years, I got homesick and I found myself coming home to Kansas City. After getting settled in, I was thrown right back into the busy 'city' life that I forgotten about and I realized I needed to unwind, have some me time and get balanced. After driving 20-30 miles to the nearest spa for a couple months, I decided that Shawnee should have its own little place that is pure and holistic.
And so, La Vita Bella ('the beautiful life') was born.


Licenced Massage Therapist
Gretchen graduated from Johnson County Massage program in 2000 and keeps current through continuing education courses. She has been working as a massage therapist for twelve years, practicing many different forms of body work, including Swedish, deep tissue and hot stone massage as well reflexology. Gretchen's goal is to personalize every massage to fit the client's specific needs.


Licensed Massage Therapist
Graduated From Professional Fitness Institute in 2006, it is my goal to help clients relax and let go of everyday stresses. My specialty is Swedish effleurage with elements of acupressure, reflexology and aroma therapy, depending on the needs of my client. I also offer Hot Stone Massage, as well as Body Treatments. In 2012, I became a part of the La Vita Bella family and I am a member of the American Massage Therapy Association.


Licensed Massage Therapist and Licensed Nail Technician
“As a massage therapist, my main goal is exceed the expectations of each client. If there is a trouble spot for you, soreness or tight muscles, my goal is to help relieve that pain. If you need a ‘break’ from it all, my goal is to make you feel completely relaxed so you can escape from your daily stresses for ‘just a bit’. My technique is with a firm touch and I specialize in Deep Tissue, Sports and Swedish.
As a nail technician, my main goal is performing a relaxing nail service while caring for your hands and feet leaving you relaxed and polished”!


Licensed Massage Therapist
Having been given the gift of healing hands, Heather enjoys helping others manage their stress and body pains since 2006. “My vision for massage is to help client’s manage physical and daily stresses through massage and natural healing properties. My technique is a firm touch specializing in Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish and our ½ and ½ massage”.


Licenced Esthetician
Licensed Esthetician since 2002 with demonstrated strengths in determining clients’ skin problems and establishing individually based skincare plans. Focused on providing excellent services to engender best results. Highly motivated with a proven track record of exceptional performance in meeting the clients’ targets and boosting their self-esteem. Erika is also a perfectionist when it comes to body hair removal and it shows! Whether your coming in for a brow shaping or a touch-up your sure to leave looking fantastic and lets not forget bikinis ladies, the seasons right around the corner!


Licensed Esthetician
Former Marinello graduate, Meagan loves customizing facials to meet the needs of clients to reveal a smoother, younger-looking skin while leaving them completely relaxed. My specialties include full body waxing, treating acne prone skin, anti-aging and hydration therapies.


Licensed Nail Technician
Kansas licensed since 2011, “my goal is to provide total nail care for your hands and feet, resulting in a lasting manicure and pedicure. I often educate my clients with helpful at home tips for healthier nails. Because of the secluded relaxing atmosphere at La Vita Bella, I am able to create more personal relationships with my clients”.